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See Where We’ve Been Seen

1 December 2018

Five recent works were on display for the 2018 Wintrospective at Story Forge Nashville.

7—14 July 2018

Five recent works were on display at Story Forge Nashville for their summer show.

Since October 2017

From the article: Thomas Brodhead . . .has been painting since 2009, and has produced works spanning humorous caricature to methodically constructed geometric color studies . . .

11 February through 1 March 2017

A solo show, Microcosmos at the End of the Age of Irony, was held at the Arts Center of Cannon County in Woodbury, Tennessee.

Out & About Nashville, 27 May 2016

From the article: I’ve become increasingly more fascinated with mosaics of color, with a special interest in how individual pixels combine to create a total fabric . . .

7–28 May 2016

Six large works were on display at the “O” Gallery at the downtown Arcade in Nashville, TN.

12 September through 7 November 2015

Harlequin Donnybrook (2015) was accepted into the Oak Ridge Art Center’s Open Show of autumn 2015. Works included in this juried show were accepted and adjudicated by Andrew Glasgow

Out & About Nashville, 25 September 2014

From the article: I’m not a fan of Rembrandt’s partially lit faces surrounded by a veil of darkness, and I also puzzle at the rarefied explanations of abstract works that we’ve all seen at galleries. So my work is a reaction to those things . . .

September 2014 through May 2015

Works by Brodhead were on display at the Vanderbilt University LGBTQI Center (the K.C. Potter Center) in Nashville, Tennessee.